About the Bell's

A little bit about us!!!

I met my sweet husband, Jason, 10 years ago. I was just 17 years old when he took me off the market for good!
We had everyone telling us,
 "Relationships don't last when you're so young."
"High school sweethearts have a high divorce rate."
 "You guys need to date more and see what else is out there."
 But we both already knew we were completely perfect for each other. Jason was my soul mate. Without him, I wasn't me! We knew regardless of what everyone else said, that marriage was no question, part of our plan.

We were officially engaged not long after I turned 18, but we chose to not jump into marriage quickly because we both knew we still had a lot of growing up to do. After 4 years of dating and just one month after my 21st birthday, on January 8th, we made vows to each other that will last for eternity.

After being married only a year and a half, we decided it was time to grow our family. We had no idea we would have to face the struggles that we did.. We got pregnant pretty quickly, but sadly after just a few short weeks, we lost our very first pregnancy. Our first heart wrenching loss that led to two others.. After wanting to give up, We were finally blessed with our oldest son, Urijah! He has healed so many holes in his mama's veryyyyy broken heart. He has answered so many prayers and we know we have been extremely blessed.

Just a few months before Urijah turned 1 years old, Jason and I had decided to start trying for baby number 2 or in our case, number 5. We were so excited to get a positive, just to shortly lose our 5th baby. That's when we knew we HAD to get some kind of help. My OBGYN gave us the information to see a specialist who had done NUMEROUS amounts of testing. During that time we lost 4 more pregnancies, and never got a single answer.. 7 babies in heavenly fathers arms, and only 1 baby in mine. I didn't think my heart could possibly take anymore, when out of no where, I became pregnant with baby number 9. Oh, I prayed my little heart out for this baby and by the grace of God, we were finally blessed with our little Ezrah.

We had absolutely no idea, that Ezrah (who just turned 1), would face so MANY complications at birth. ( you may Click here to read his birth story, there are 3 parts.) He was born completely lifeless and was on life support for a week. At 5 days old, He was diagnosed with Global Severe Brain Damage. We didn't know where his journey would take us, but we have been blessed beyond measure.

 Urijah and Ezrah, are both our miracle boys. We went through hell and back, just to welcome them into our family. They have been our saving grace. They have been the missing pieces to our puzzle. They are our happiness and joy.  We don't know where we would  be without our kids.

I decided to start this blog because, well, I'm a mommy and mommy needs some hobbies!! I am, and have always been an "Open book" ever since I was a little girl. Ever since starting my Instagram, I have learned that by openly sharing my struggles, I have been able to help thousands of other women, and for some reason, that has helped make my struggles a little more bearable. This blog is meant to be a safe place, where I can share it all - our hardest and happiest moments. We have 7 angels in heaven and even though our hearts miss them everyday, I want to be able to show families, that they are not alone! I want to empower and uplift anyone I possibly can. I want to show them, that they are not alone in their hard times and that there is love and support out there. There are women who understand their pain.

Thank you all for following along, for loving my growing family, and for being our support.
We love you, all!

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