Our newest adventure.

 I grew up on a farm with Horses, chickens, geese, rabbits, hamsters, cats, and our dog! I have the very best memories because of it. I am a hard worker because of it. And I have a love for animals because of it. I always wanted that lifestyle for my boy's, but I've never had the opportunity to give them it.

A few month's ago, Jason mentioned to me that he wanted to start raising quail! As we looked into it and learned all that we could, we jumped into it without hesitation! We live on a tiny lot, that has just enough space for a garden, BUT the great thing about quail, is that they dont need a lot of space - and that's why we knew it was do-able!

The next day we met up with a guy and bought 4 babies who were only 3 day's old and we got 23 eggs to put into the incubator!

Urijah named his "squeekers"

Ezrah named his "Typical gamer"

Jonah named his "Marshmellow man"

and they named the 4th "Lemon"

with quail, you cant even tell the sex till theyre at least 6 weeks old.. so who knows if their names will change later on haha!

After that, we spent 4 long days full of homedepo trips, sunburns, a little bit of fighting, and a lot of painting! but we built the most perfect little shed for our Quail!

As soon as it was done, we went out and bought 10 adult quail!

Just wait till you see their cute baby eggs!


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