January 2022. 

I walked through the house Jason and I just spent the last 10 months building. I was so ready for this fresh start. I said a prayer to set happy, good intentions in our new home! And even with the craziness of having 3 boys - I definitely feel like those intentions have completely been felt. 

In this house, I definitely knew I wanted it to be a space that felt clean, calm, and happy. And that's why it was important for me to  keep TV's out of the kid's bedrooms and the main living area!

I learned in our old house, that although Tv's in the kids room's made bedtime easier - it was getting to a point where it also felt super unhealthy because my kids would want to stay in their room's for as long as I'd let them.. and I really hated that.

Our main living area is my sanctuary. I wake up at 5 every morning, turn the fire place on, I make myself a cup of coffee (or start drinking my pre-workout). I do my morning routine and it is so special to me. I have to keep it a calm place for my own sanity. So no Tv in that room was a super easy decision.

Our basement is the kids FREE zone. They go down there where they can yell, play, run and do whatever they want down there. We have tons of toys and a tv for the kids.

We do have a Tv in the master bedroom, and I love that because my room is the place that my kids can come and hang out. We have all of our family movie nights in our room and my kids love snuggling up with us in our bed.

I don't really know what style my house is. I guess its kinda farmhouse modern? but honestly, I just see stuff I like and I buy it hahaha. but ALL things black, white, and natural wood is totally my jam and if you're a long time friend, you'll know that.

It's been a blessing to be able to live in this house where we have the space to grow.

I am still working on the boy's room. But I'm excited to share their space as soon as its done.

We love our new neighborhood and are so thankful to be where we are now. 


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