family update

Lets be honest. I am probably the worst "blogger" ever.. but mostly because I was struggling so severely with depression, anxiety and just trying to navigate life with 3 wildly wonderful little boys.. So after a long break, of trying to pinpoint the center of what was causing my depression and anxiety, I'm back and ready to give you guys all the tips, tricks and happy thoughts.

But first, I wanted to do an update on my family!


Our newest addition, was born December 21st, 2017!
It eats me up inside that my baby just turned TWO!!! I can’t  believe it!

He is 100% my sour patch kid. seriously. He is the sweetest, most sour-est kid I’ve ever met! But he is the absolute center of our world.

I'm hoping one of the first post's I'll be able to post will be his birth story since I never shared it before... It was such a healing and sacred experience I wasn't just ready to share it with the world... but soon. I promise.


Turned 4 years old 2 months ago. He is so many things, but most of all, he's a complete miracle. Everytime I look at that boy I look at him with awe because of how far he has come and the strength you see when you look in his eyes. I feel so incredibly lucky. I cant wait to give more of an update on him!


Is turning 7 in less than a month. Everytime I say that out Loud it kinda freaks me out that I'm actually old enough to have a SEVEN year old!!!
That boy has my heart in every single way. He is the sweetest, most thoughtful boy I've ever known. He really is an "Old soul" and when I say my 7 year old is way more mature than I am... I'm not joking.

R O G U E 

is the chillest dog ever. she is such a good girl, sometimes I even forget we have her. she is quite. she is protective. her favorite place in the house, is either snuggling with jason and i, or being in her kennel. she is literally the best dog ever!! We absolutely love her!

Jason and I stay BUSY!! Between work, our boys, hobbies and trying to make time for us.. we rarely have much time for anything else these days. But we like the crazy schedules. We are doing so good and we are actually coming up on 9 years of marriage next week! He's my everything.

Thanks so much for being here.
I am so excited to jump back into this space.


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