DIY sharpie wall under 15$

I can’t help but laugh to myself as I type this up, because the first wall I did was a major FAIL!  later on, I'll show you guys Riah and Ezrah's wall.

but honestly, it's fine because I learned a lot along the way and I'm thrilled with the way Jonah’s wall turned out!

This is the BEFORE


I had an itch for change, but I didn’t want it to cost me an arm and a leg.  I remember a few years back, I was on pintrest and I happened to see a post about a girl who used a sharpie marker to jazz up her wall! So, next thing I know, I'm walking down the isle at walmart, searching for the “sharpie paint marker”, which is located in the crafting section of the store.

I originally bought 4, but I used 8 sharpie paint pens total on 2 walls.

I used a level, step ladder, and 2 different sizes of markers the (fine point) smallest tip and the biggest (bold point.)

I took the level and used the smaller tip marker to make my lines. (See tip number 2 below). I started from the top of the wall and worked my way down. I don’t have a laser level and thankfully this wall was small enough I made it work with the level without too many issues, but if it’s a bigger wall I definitely recommend getting a laser level. The good thing about this wall is that you’re gonna go back through with the “dots” so if you made any small mistakes with the lines, you’ll have a little bit of leeway where you can thicken up any spots like where you connect your lines. 

 then I went back with the bigger thicker marker to make the dots on the wall.

So here are some WARNINGS and TIPS I wish I thought about or knew before hand.

1. the smaller tip marker WILL EXPLODE when you push on the tip to get the ink out. so make sure the tip is facing up towards the ceiling and don’t push hard because IT WILL leak out and get all over the place as you're making your lines, so be very careful. If it gets on your carpet you're screwed.

2. your wall will not be the same measurements on one side, as it will be on the other. Which was my mistake with the first wall I did (it was 2 1/2 times better than this wall). The right side of the wall was taller than the left by a couple of inches so the measurements are different and that's when it can get tricky depending on what design you're doing. So if you have a laser level, use it on especially on the bigger walls.

3. Do not allow your kids to distract you and your measurements, because it will F your wall up so hard. (second mistake with the first wall i did,)

4. I made my own stencle out of a box, which worked out okay, but if I was more patient, I would have actually bought a  stencil on etsy  which is what I highly recommend, depending on what design you’re going for. but if you can free hand it, hell yeah. I wish I was that artistic!

5. The white eraser WILL get the marker off the wall if you mess up. But it can get very messy and you have to be careful because it can smear a lot. That’s the only product I’ve found that will remove the marker.

I don’t recommend this brand unless you’re trying to get high. The fumes were so strong it gave me a headache and it was way more “runny” than the actual sharpie paint marker.


You really can’t mess up after you've made your lines. In a safe place on your wall, don't be afraid to try different techniques to see what "look" you like best.

At first I used the tiny tip marker and was drawing little circles, but after the first line (which took forever) I knew it would take me a month to finish his wall and I really wasn’t feelin’ it.

So I grabbed the biggest marker and I went crazy.. I really like the thick “heavy ink” look. its almost like, the messier the better! I also added some bigger circles every 12 inches or so and I feel like it made the wall look even better, so I highly recommend doing that if you do this look.

It does give a “shiny/glossy” look (which I like) so if you don’t want that, you’ll want to find a different product to use. 

I can’t wait to show you guys his BIG boy room when I’m completely done!

Good luck and tag me in your photo @trisha.bell if you end up doing it!! I’d love to see how your’s turned out.


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