Curtains on a budget.

When we sold our last house, in the contract we were told the buyers wanted to keep our curtains and rods. We wanted to get our house sold so we could began the building process on our new house, so we agreed.

We moved into our new house a little over a year ago, but for months, anytime I had anyone over they were literally being blinded while they sat on my couch because our window is so big and I hadn’t replaced my curtains yet.

I’ve been looking for curtains that were gonna be wide enough for our window yet the length I wanted, that also fit our budget. I was starting to get discouraged because every time I found curtains I loved they were gonna cost us a good 300$ or more, and that was ONLY the curtains!!!

So, I was talking to my sisters, sending them pictures of things I wanted to do to my house. And that’s when my sister gave me the idea to use flat sheets, for curtains!! 

Freaking Brilliant!

I found these beautiful rods at target, and Walmart has them in black (got the black for my master bedroom!) 

The rod is 29.00$ 
2 twin flat sheets which were about 5$ each
I did rings, which were 5$ x’s 2
 Totaling 50$ for everything!

My favorite part, is how they puddle on the floor and I can switch my black curtains out for new colors for only 10$ 

Take a look:


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