Part 2 - The C section

As the doctor said, "There's no time, we need to get this baby out!" I started to panic. Not only because I was scared and didn't understand what was going on with my baby. but because my husband was over 2 hours away. At that moment, I instantly started to cry because I never imagined this would be happening to me. I never imagined my husband would be missing my son's birth.
I hurried and grabbed my phone to call Jason and thankfully he had service. I wanted to be the one to tell him that the baby was coming right now and that we couldn't wait. I wanted him to understand that he would be missing our babies birth. As I talked to him on the phone, I could hear him out of breath from running as fast as he could to his truck.. He kept telling me he was sorry and he would be there as fast as he could.
As we hung up the phone, the nurse and doctor left the room to prepare for surgery. My aunt helped me change out of my clothes and into the hospital gown. During those few minutes, I got to tell her how thankful I was that she was there with me because there was no way I could have done any of this without her.
The nurse came in and they took me back to the operating room. The anesthesiologist started to give me the spinal block, and right away I told him that it felt like he put it all in the left side of my spine. He kept reassuring me that everything would be fine. I laid down on the table with about 4-6 nurses around me, trying to keep me calm. They were all so sweet, asking me what my baby names were (since we couldn't decide on a name). They were asking me questions about Urijah and kept reminding me that I did the right thing by coming in!
After what felt like forever, my aunt finally came in the room. To see a familiar face helped me relax a bit. but I couldn't stop thinking about my baby. I wasn't hooked up to any monitors since they were getting ready to do surgery. All I could do was just kept praying that my baby would be okay.
As my doctor came in, he started to prep my belly. I could sense touch, but couldn't exactly feel what he was doing, until he reached the Right side of my stomach and I instantly felt pain. I could feel the sharp knife cutting into my stomach. I started to cry out in pain. I told anyone who would listen that I could feel everything on my Right side! The anesthesiologist told me this was "normal" and that the meds would kick in soon.. (This was my second C-section and I knew it wasn't "normal". I knew the difference between "tugging" and a sharp stabbing feeling!)  As I kept crying out in pain, the Doctor reminded me that my baby HAD to come out RIGHT NOW.. and that's when I knew I didn't have a choice. I had to take the pain if I wanted my baby to live. I remember trying to focus on my breathing. I remember repeating in my head, begging god to please don't take my baby from me. I had suffered enough. I had done everything I could to get this little boy here. I had lost 7 other pregnancies, I couldn't handle losing my son as well..
As tears filled my eyes I started to black out from all the pain I was feeling. I kept telling my aunt that I was going to pass out. And that's when everything went white!

I felt like I was floating off to no where. Words really can't began to explain the way that I was feeling. I was confused. I didn't even know where I was. I felt scared. yet, relaxed. I knew that everything was going to be okay. But I still couldn't understand what was going on.  And than I heard, the panic in the nurses voices as they started yelling, "CODE BLUE, CODE BLUE. THERES NO HEARTBEAT. I'VE NEVER SEEN THIS BEFORE, WHAT DO WE DO?"
That's When I thought it was me they were talking about, I couldn't open my eyes, but I could hear them. I thought I was the one with no heartbeat. At that moment I had no idea they were talking about my baby..
I finally started coming to and realized I actually wasn't dead after all.. But I still didn't understand what was going on. I asked my aunt probably a thousand times if Ezrah was okay. I remember her telling me that they got his heart beating and that he was okay, but they were still working on him. And that's when Jason finally entered the room. I have never, ever, ever been more relived to see him. It was like I could breathe again. finally. 


  1. Did you ever hear of hypercoagulable states such as factor 5 Leiden deficiency or protein c and s deficiency? It's a very common missed reason why people have multiple unexplained misscarriges. And can even be fixed by taking a simple pill when pregnant....

    1. Is this the same as MTHFR? I was diagnosed with this blood disorder after having 4 miscarriages. The way my doctor treated was by having me do a daily injection of a blood thinner (lovenox). Had a healthy baby boy last year and currently back on the same shots as I'm pregnant with baby #2.

    2. Is this the same as MTHFR? I was diagnosed with this blood disorder after having 4 miscarriages. The way my doctor treated was by having me do a daily injection of a blood thinner (lovenox). Had a healthy baby boy last year and currently back on the same shots as I'm pregnant with baby #2.

  2. I have factor V Leiden and was actually tested for it on accident... I had 2 miscarriages which they have tried to convince me were unrelated to it... But my aunt had my cousin at 27 weeks because of it

  3. There is something to be said about a mama's instinct. As I read your story it brought tears to my eyes and I really have to commend you for your bravery and selflessness! Your boys will treasure you and the LORD has blessed you. Good job mama!

  4. Oh my gosh Trisha!! First of all congratulations with two beautiful sons!!! They will truly love you because of how much you have been through! And they will see it and you're such a beautiful example!! I hope the doctors will help you and Jason figure things out. I hope it won't prevent you guys from trying some more! All of your children with you or not are absolute miracles, and I am sure the little kiddos that aren't with you are waiting excitedly to see you again! You're so amazing! And you're such an inspiration and a blessing to everyone!
    -Natasha (Robinson) Byrd


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