Phonetography tips.

If you're an Instagram lover like myself, you know that it's based off of pictures you take. When I first started my account I had no idea how to take "pretty" pictures. It took me about a year to really learn and develop my love for picture taking. I've taught myself everything I know about photography and it would have been sooooo much easier (and taken a lot less time) if I had someone to help guide me and give me helpful tips. Which is why I have decided to write this blog post and because I get asked almost on a daily bases for my mommy phonetography tips. I say phonetography because all I use for my photos is my camera phone!. So today I'm going to spill the beans! You'll know all my most favorite apps and how to get the clearest pictures just by using your phone!
First things first, your phone camera does matter.. I started out with the iphone 4 until Christmas last year I switched to the galaxy 4 and recently (a week ago) I switched to the note 4, which I am loving so far.
From my experience, Samsung takes the cake. The bigger screens make it easier to capture the picture you want and the camera is just all around a better camera than the iPhone camera.  (The iPhone 6 sucks too.  Don't fall into their trap. I tried it out for a week and took it back and got my note4)
So on to the tips, every time I go to use my camera I clean my camera lense. They get dirty so easily from being in our pockets and from our kids touching them. So it's important to clean it off before starting.
Another golden rule for me is, making sure the area you're wanting to take pictures in is CLEAN. If you have a clean background you'll be able to focus more so on the person or thing, you're taking the picture of. I know it may sound silly but its something that I think makes a huge difference! However, some photographers are amazing and can really make a messy room look beautiful. Sadly I don't have that talent (;
The rule of all rules for me, is lighting!  I'm all about natural light. Every single picture I post is most likely next to a big bright window! And trust me,  it does matter. Having good lighting will help your pictures look crisp and clean! If your lighting is good,  you may not even need to edit the picture afterwards.
another small tip, when taking a pictures don't zoom in on your camera. instead try cropping instead of zooming. It'll help in the long run because when you go back to edit the pictures it gives you more room to get creative and play with the space, angles and crops! I don't EVER zoom in on my pictures.
So those are the four things I live by,  when taking pictures.
Now on to editing.. I rarely have to edit my pictures and there are so many editing apps out there that you can use,  Some you'll like more than others all for different reasons. You just have to find what you're comfortable with and don't be afraid to mix them up.
Some of my favorites would be Snapseed, Pictapgo, Afterlight, VSCO, Pixlr and of course, the editing that Instagram gives you straight from their app. I use certain editing apps for making my pictures brighter and I use certain ones just for the black and white filter or for blurring out certain parts of the picture.   So for those reasons, I really don't have just one favorite.

Is great for making a picture brighter and for playing with the contrast. I also really like  the  up  for this app.
I really like pictapgo because it has so many filters and it will save formulas for you that you've made for previous pictures. Its was my favorite one for a really long time until I started learning more. It's definitely a great beginners app.
If you're looking for extreme filters, afterlight is great. I've seen some really pretty ones on their app and they're so easy to use. I also really like their black + white filters.
I don't use vsco very often, the only time I use this app is for a black + white filter. keep in mind the black + white filter is different on every app. So once you get to know the app's you'll know which b+w filters you like the most.
Pixlr is the newest editing app I've tried. I like it for Brightening certain areas of pictures (which I haven't been able to find in any other app) So that is by far my most favorite part about this app so far.
Its amazing how many people don't know about the editing option that Instagram gives you. I use this more than any other editing app. I like it for everything, the contrast, being able to straighten out a picture, making a picture brighter and I love, love it for sharpening pictures. If I can take my picture in a bright room I don't even bother using any of the other apps other than just touching the picture up with the editing option that Instagram gives you.

I hope this post helped answer some of your questions and if you have any more please feel free to let me know (:


  1. I've been looking for a post like this for a while! I just started with instagram and I just realized how difficult it is to take good quality photos! Thank you! And hang in there Baby Bell #2, wishing you the best!


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