My hero in Africa

Not too long ago you may have seen this picture along with this post on my Instagram page.
"I'm struggling with the fact, that my dad is being deployed to West Africa tomorrow... He's such an amazing person & is always looking for ways to serve others. He has sacrificed so much for our family & has always been the one person I know I can count on for anything. I'm terrified for so many reasons right now & of course, one of them being because of Ebola virus... Sometimes it's so hard to delete the negative thoughts & to try & focus on the good he'll be doing... please keep my dad & all the others who are deploying in your thoughts & prayers. These people are truly hero's."

Well, It's been two months now since he has been over there and he has shared some incredible stories. so I wanted to post a few just to give you all an idea of the amazing things my dad is doing in Africa!

November,7th 2014

"Today was one of those days that you know you will remember all of your life. We traveled deep into the Liberian jungle to the village of Sanniquellie near the border of Guinea. The mission was to locate a suitable place for the installation of a mobile lab to test blood samples for the Ebola virus. This region has about 200 active cases of Ebola. Our pre flight ops brief said that the area is known for illegal gun trading and human trafficking of woman and children. We weren't sure what to expect when we arrived. It was about a one hour thirty minute flight from Monrovia but, like my last outing, it would be a several day drive by car. When we landed at the LZ, we quickly exited the aircraft and the Osprey was back in the air in less than three minutes! We were immediately surrounded by the curious villagers, most of them children. It was just a short walk until we were met by the UN peacekeepers who were our escorts for the day. Our first stop was to meet with the local officials to discuss the intent of our mission and then off to visit a few pre-selected sites. After completing our site assessments we met with the members of the Health Ministry. They expressed their gratitude to the USA and explained that they did not have the resources to combat this terrible disease without our help and I could feel his sincere appreciation as his voice cracked and a few tears fell. I have been to many parts of the world to help third world counties and peoples but never have I seen or felt a warmer reception than I have from the people of Liberia. As we waited at our pick up point, we had the chance to fraternized with a group of locals. They first thought I was Chuck Norris! Lol we talked for a hour and took dozens of pictures together... Each one wanted a picture with "Chuck". When our Osprey was in sight I announced I was buying everyone a round of drinks and I left a $20 bill with the owner of the general store.. to my surprise the group went wild and all started cheering and chanting my name raising both hands in the air! It was quite an experience and such a great pleasure sharing some stories and laughter with someone who has experienced such a different lifestyle than yourself. I think I found that we really aren't all that different after all."

November 10th, 2014

Another incredible day in Africa! I'm falling in love with the people of Liberia and learning to understand their culture in a way I never have before. We traveled deeper into the African jungle then we have since arriving in country. Our mission was to find a suitable site for a Ebola lab and to inspect an Ebola Treatment Center currently under construction by the Germans. Most of the people in this region live in mud or even grass huts. They have no running water and most have no electricity yet they are friendly, happy and content. We saw some children near one of the sites we were evaluating for a possible living quarters for the Americans who would be working in the labs. I gave them some of my water and a bag of my beef jerky while Sgt Land gave them bread and a brownie from his MRE. Their little eyes lite up! These people work so hard for what they have.. Each day is a struggle to survive. The heat and humidity were unbearable for some of us over fed Americans but we adapted. More pictures to follow!

We are so incredibly lucky to be living in such an amazing country. Everytime I see another post from my dad it brings tears to my eyes to see all the good he is doing for these people. We tend to forget so easily, how lucky we are just to have a warm shower or clothes that actually fit us. I hope this post helps you to realize how good you have it, even when it doesn't feel so good.


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